The Clean Home

Everyone likes a clean home but what if we could clean out homes quietly. Well The Clean Home Package is for you. It comes with almost all the necessary components to keep your home clean while also keeping silent enough to hear a pin drop. Price: $4,672.89


The Silent Kitchen 

This package is for the people who love cooking. Whether it is because you are a beginner, an expert, or even somewhere in between it all, you will not regret buying the The Silent Kitchen Package. It has all the Basic needs for a kitchen with the bonus of it all being silent. For the price of $2,500, this package could be yours.


The Comfortable Home 

During these hard times everyone wants to make sure that the air they breathe in their homes is the freshest air possible with our Air Purifier. Then during the summer we want the cold air from an Air Conditioner. So what if u had both? Well with The Comfortable Home Package, you can have the cooling of the Air Conditioner while making it the freshest air possible with the Air Purifier and having a silent experience. Price:$1,500