About Us

We have astonishing appliances and when everybody is sleeping in your house you can use these items without waking anybody up! Silent Wave heats your food hotter, tastier and quieter than ever before! For example say it's 2:00 A.M, you're hungry and everyone in the house is asleep. All you have to do is make sure you're silent to the kitchen and back, and leave the rest up to Silent Wave.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to silence the microwave and make our customers happy.

The Idea

The Silent Microwave thought process was started with a simple brainstorm.  Students had to think of ideas that can help improve people's lives. A student had thought of a silent microwave.  The idea for a silent microwave began with people agreeing that microwaves can make too much unnecessary noise.  We wanted a microwave that would cancel out the noise and fix other flaws. We had to make a name for it and we came up with “Silent Wave”.  The thought for the logo started with a drawing. When we were thinking of a name for our company, we realized that since we were making silent microwaves, Silent Wave came to mind. Another reason we chose Silent Wave was because microwaves use actual microwaves so we swapped out micro for silent.  If you want something to eat and someone is sleeping or you just don’t want to bother them. The Silent Wave would be completely silent and would not bother anyone.


Our Business Plan